Chief Minister visited Rawalpindi to inspect progress of Lai Expressway

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Chief Minister Punjab visited Rawalpindi to inspect progress of Lai Expressway & Nullah Lai cleaning drive.

وزیر اعلی پنجاب کا روالپنڈی میں مجوزہ “

” کےعلاقےکا دورہ

یہ پراجیکٹ کٹاریاں پل سے براستہ عمار چوک 16 کلو میٹر اور 4 انٹرچنیجز اور واٹر ٹریٹمنٹ پلانٹ پر مشتمل ہو گا جس پر 85 ارب کی لاگت آئےگی

پراجیکٹ بی۔او۔ٹی ماڈل پر بنےگا اور 2750 کنال اراضی ایکوائر کی جا رہی ہے۔

دو رویہ ایکسپریس وے پر “یوٹیلیٹی کوریڈور” بھی بنائےجائیں گے

وزیراعلیٰ پنجاب نے نالہ لئی کی صفائی کا بھی جائزہ لیا. نجی سیکٹر کے اشتراک سےسینکڑوں ڈمپرز کےذریعےنالہ لئی کی صفائی کروائی گئی

نالہ لئی کی تعمیر نو سے سیلاب کے دوران ہونے والی تباہ کاریوں پر قابوپانےمیں مدد ملے گی


Lai Expressway will be second mega infrastructural Development project of PTI Govt in Rawalpindi after Ring Road (which also in final stages to start).

Lai Expressway includes:

  • Expressway
  • Water Treatment Plant
  • Utility corridor
  • Nala Leh’s flood protection

Lai Nullah Basin has a catchment area of 234.9 Km², Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) in the upper reaches of 144.4 Km² and Rawalpindi City of Punjab Province in the lower reaches of 90.5 Km².

Lai Nullah has a length of about 30 Km, stretching from the Margalla hills in Federal Capital City Islamabad until Soan River at the South-eastern edge in District Rawalpindi of Province of the Punjab.

The project was under taken from I.J Principal Road at Katarian Bridge to Ammar Chowk for 11 km whereas the total length of Nullah Lai is about 19 km which ends in Soan River near High Court at G.T Road.

The project is extended over the whole Nullah Lai spanning over 19 Km i.e. from Katarian Bridge to Soan River near High Court.

Project Objectives

  • Reduction in time of Travel.
  • Decrease in Vehicle Operating Cost (VOC)
  • Decrease in traffic accidents due to improved/upgraded Highway Safety Standards.
  • Add impetus to commerce and trade activities in the vicinity near the carriageway as well.
  • Uplift in economic in different sector due to fast safe and reliable journey after up-gradation.

Lai expressway project will be constructed under public-private partnership


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