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Welcome to Pak Property Mela called PPMela.com is a real estate buy and sell properties portal. We are a digital real estate advertising and service provider in real estate industry which makes the easy and convenient for user’s who wants to buy and sell their properties in just single click.

Please read our “Terms & Conditions” carefully and abide by the rules.

  1. As an online portal, PPMela.com are not responsible for any content advertised in PPMela.com
  2. User’s need to verify any property or project by their own end.
  3. We recommended to our users to check and verify property before negotiations with any agent or displaying property at PPMela.com
  4. We are not responsible for third-party advertising at PPMela.com
  5. The protection / confidentiality and accuracy of the user’s account is the user’s responsibility. Please hold your personal information private and only grant PPMela.com with the necessary and correct information in relation to your account.
  6. com not provide financial, investment or real-estate advice.
  7. Subscribe any agent or agency listed in PPMela.com user’s responsible to verify by their own end.
  8. Any user cannot republish of any advertised content found in PPMela.com
  9. User’s cannot upload any harmful content on PPMela.com including any viruses, pyramid schemes or other fraudulent schemes.
  10. User’s bound to comply with the laws of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

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