Smart City concept and the housing societies in Pakistan

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A smart city is an urban area that uses multiple latest available options of efficient & fast network system, apart from other modern facilities like education, health & sports facilities, modern security system, as well as their own water & sewage treatment plants.

The Smart City housing concept integrates various systems with the help of latest concepts of “Information & Communication Technology (ICT)”, including fiber optic system. Housing management can easily find the losses of Power, Water usage or even sewage system, and so that increase its efficiency.

Provisio of high speed data system, which includes installation of fiber optic system, gives opportunity for the residents to easily work from home, facility to communicate through fast data without any interruption.

A real smart city housing scheme can really improves the quality & standard of life of its residents. Even an ugly area can become a green and efficient area.

With the all these concept of a smart city, do we have any housing society at the moment, or do any society really works on these lines.

In Pakistan, now many housing societies claim to be the “first smart city” housing scheme. They invite investors to invest in their society, but  please must ensure yourself to know what really is smart city, and what really they will provide.

Now, investors must enquire before investing any such housing scheme who claim to be smart city, all such promises which they are going to provide and really works on it.

Promises and realities can be different. Be-aware of investing your hard earned money, and push the society to work on such promises.

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