RDA to develop aerotropolis around new Islamabad Airport

Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has planned an aerotropolis in the city alonside Rawalpindi Ring Road and around Islamabad Airport, Chairman RDA Tariq Murtaza has confirmed.

Chairman RDA said that the development work on the economic zones will be started as soon as possible. He said famous aerotropolis of special economic zones are mining, oil refinery, petroleum, engineering, IT Park, and residential areas.

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He said aerotropolis along with RRR to decongest the city and to set a new direction for the growth of the city which is a key component of RRR.

An aerotropolis is a metropolitan subregion whose infrastructure, land use, and economy are centered on an airport. It combines the terms “aero-” (aviation) and “metropolis” (city).

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According to details, the aerotropolis will include oil, petroleum, and mining refineries, special economic zones, residential apartments, an engineering complex, and a technology park.

Chairman RDA said that there will be no ponds and unnecessary plantations in the planned aerotropolis as they attract birds which could cause accidents.

He noted that the aerotropolis would play a key role in the development of the city.

Besides, RDA’s Special City Beautification Committee has approved PC-I of the project to develop pedestrian-only lanes from Bhabhra Bazaar to Raja Bazaar passing through Sarafa Bazaar, Dangi Khoi, and Kalan Bazaar.

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