Islamabad & Punjab Online Property Verification for Transparent Transactions

Capital Administration (CDA) had announced plans to launch a system for online property verification in Islamabad.

With the launch of this system, people will now be able to verify the authenticity of any real estate project from the office of Deputy Commissioner (DC) Islamabad before investing their hard-earned money in it.

“From now onwards, anyone who wants to buy property can come and check its [property] status before buying,” said Deputy Commissioner Islamabad Muhammad Hamza Shafqaat as he announced to launch the initiative.

The citizens have been complaining for a long time about real estate frauds in the capital. These frauds usually include online form filling websites, sale of one land to more than one person, fake registry papers and replacement of unmarked plots. Sometimes, fake agents trap the buyer, especially overseas. In some cases, it is observed that overseas Pakistanis, who own property in Pakistan, hire a caretaker for the house, who acts to be the owner of the house and gets token money from the potential buyer.

It is observed that every commercial/residential project labels itself as “the only CDA approved project” but it may not even fall in the limits of the capital. Usually, the map/layout plan of the housing scheme is revised and one cannot locate his plot he had paid against. The housing societies are on one side, registered with the cooperative department of the ICT and on the other side, project NOC is obtained from the CDA. This issue also needs to be taken up by the concerned authorities to facilitate the residents.

For Punjab, People can check online records about their property with the help of the Online Land Records Management Information System (LRMIS).

All the records about properties and lands are available on Punjab Zameen official website,

There is also a mobile app to check property ownership-related matters in Punjab. With this app, you can easily check the records, it requires less time and no need to pay any kind of tax, biometric verification, and incorporation of NADRA. You don’t need to pay patwari to search for the ownership of any property.

The Sindh board also launched this type of online system for those people who have a property in Sindh.

In September this year, the PM launched the Cadastral Mapping of Islamabad to eliminate land grabbing and ensure transparency in transactions.

Cadastral Mapping is a comprehensive system that highlights the boundaries of land subdivisions, helps determine the property’s location, indicates its size and shape, and reveals geographic relationships that affect property valuation.

Prime Minister Imran Khan, this month of November, said that the first phase of the digitalized cadastral mapping of Pakistan had detected a massive encroachment of state land worth Rs 5,595 billion.

On Twitter, the prime minister shared the “shocking facts” coming out of the digitalized land record revealing that the encroached properties also included forest land valuing Rs 1,869 billion.

It was highlighted that 88% mapping of the government lands had been completed, which also showed illegal encroachments on thousands of acres of government land worth trillions of rupees.

According to the survey, the value of encroached land in Karachi, Islamabad, and Lahore stood at Rs2.63 trillion.

According to one of the completed digital cadastre map, 71 percent (10,970 acres) of forest land in District Benazir Abad, Sindh was encroached out of the total 15,450 acres, Takhtpari Forest in Rawalpindi had a total of 2,210 acres area out of which 755 acres almost 34 percent was encroached.

However, the Lohi Behr Forest area lying at the border of Rawalpindi and Islamabad had over 57 percent (629 acres) of its total area of 1,089 acres was encroached by land mafia. Karachi Forest Division which was now called ‘a concrete jungle’ had 2,703 square kilometers forest area originally which was reduced to only 0.4 percent by the land grabbers.

The survey was conducted on the lands of the forest department, Railways, Civil Aviation Authority, National Highways and Evacuee Trust Property.

With this “accurate” digital record, the premier said the government would now take action against “these land mafias and their facilitators”.

At the launch of the Islamabad cadastral mapping in September, the premier had said under the digital data system, land worth Rs400 billion was retrieved from the land grabbing mafia including Rs300 billion land of CDA and Rs100 billion worth of forest land.

He had noted that with the use of technology in Islamabad, 45 acres of green areas along the Srinagar Highway alone had been stretched over to 113 acres. “About, 1,000 acres of forest land is under illegal occupation,” he had maintained.

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